Upcoming events:

Event Name Date and Time Location
Learn how to: Code (Python) Oct 2016 Drexel Campus
Finance Workshop Series: Understanding Credit Score October 2016 Drexel Campus
Fifa Tournament Oct 2016 Drexel Campus
Thanksgiving Dinner Nov 2016 Drexel Campus
Black Friday Trip Nov 2016 Philadelphia Premium Outlet
Learn how to: Code (SAS) Nov 2016 Drexel Campus
Halloween Horror House November 2016 Eastern State Penetentiary
Table Tennis Fall 2016 Drexel Campus
Badminton Tournament Fall 2016 Drexel Campus
Flash Soccer Tournament Oct 2016- april 2017 Drexel Campus
IGSA Potluck Series January 2017 Drexel Campus
Cultural Film festival of Drexel January 2017 Straton Hall
Learn how to: Dance (Salsa) January 2017 Drexel Campus
Ice Skating January 2017 UPENN
Bob Marley Dinner February 2017 Drexel Campus
Learn how to: Write Technically February 2017 Drexel Campus
Persian New Year (Nowruz) March 2017 Drexel Main hall
Learn how to: Yoga March 2017 Graduate Student Lounge
Finance Workshop Series: Investment 101 March 2017 Drexel Campus
Board Games/Video Games March 2017 Graduate Student Lounge
Run the Cause away – 5K April 2017 Drexel Campus
Dave and Busters Event April 2017 Penns Landing, PA
Pep-Bowling Competition June 2017 South Philadelphia, PA
Dorney Park and Wildwater Kingdom July 2017 Allentown, PA
Learn how to: Cook Ethnically Februrary 2017 Academic Bistro
Squash Tournament Spring 2017 Drexel Campus

Previous events:
Untitled drawingFriday, November 20th, 8 – 10 PM


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IGSA Trip to the Museum of Art via The Schuylkill River Trail


Latino Heritage Cup 2015



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Drexel - ISA Jan 2015





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Thanksgiving DInner




Halloween Bash (1)














Furniture Shopping Trip – September 13th
Where: Meet us at 31st and Market Street (in front of LeBow Engineering Center)
When: 9:00am sharp

IGSA Annual Shopping Trip Registration – September 14th

Aquarium trip – September 18th

Zoo trip – September 21st