List of possible on campus jobs:

Please note that the following are suggestions on where to inquire for job vacancies. There are no guaranties that you will find something suitable. Good luck job hunting.

  • Physics TA: Contact Physics department.
  • Cafeterias:  Ross Commons and Creese Cafe.
  • Book stores: Main Campus and Center city campus
  • Math TA: Contact Mathematics department.
  • Libraries: Main campus and Center City campus.
  • Drexel University Student Technicians (DUST): Office is inside Creese Student Center.
  • Outreach: Contact the Drexel Alumni
  • Lab assistant. Contact each lab for availability. You never know!!!!
  • Drexel Learning Center (DLC): Tutoring job to teach undergrads. Office is in the Main building.
  • Dorms: Contact the student living office.
  • Information Desk: Ask at the front desk at Creese Student Center. Require good communication skills and a pleasant personality.
  • 3201 Arch building: Several job possibilities staring from accounts payable to clerk.
  • Godwin Evening College: system admin, website maintenance and graduate assistantship.
  • Gym: Normally international students are not selected, however, you can give a try if nothing from the above works out.